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Footwear Styles

Best Ladies’ Footwear Styles


It is a fact that women just love shopping for shoes and even when it seems that their shoe rack is about to burst, many women cannot help but shop for more shoes. Seasonal changes or trend revolutions often influence this, yet there are a few styles of women’s footwear that are always popular, regardless of season, year or trend:

–          Nude Peep-Toe

Nude peep-toe shoes are a smart option for women because the nude color makes the legs look slimmer and longer, making this pair of shoes attractive with a dress or a short skirt. The small hole at the tip also lends a sexy and sophisticated look. Nude peep-toe shoes come in high heels and flats, but ones with at least two to four inches of heels create graceful look and make the ladies look taller.

–          Knee-high boots

Knee-high boots are perfect option during the autumn and winter months. The leather ones look more traditional and classy but these days, the options for this type of footwear are so endless that women can easily find one that matches their mood and personality.

–          Stilettos

Stilettos have been popular with women for decades and even if there is a major revolution with fashion trends, this type of shoe will always be among the most commonly bought in the women’s shoe department. Ladies can opt for the strappy stilettos or they can go for the ones with more covering, such as pumps.

–          Wedges and Platforms 

Wedges and platforms are perfect for women of all ages. This type of shoe allows women to look very feminine without the need to endure the pain that high heels often bring. Women could go for as high as five inches of heels for platforms and wedges but still feel like they are wearing flats. This is definitely one of the most popular styles of footwear for ladies.

–          Ankle Boots 

Ankle boots makes it easy to mix and match it with different types of clothing, from jeans to skirts, shorts and dresses. This is among the most frequently bought type of shoe for women because it is comfortable during warmer months like spring and summer but can also be great during autumn and winter.

–          Classic Black Pumps 

A woman’s shoe collection would not be complete without these perfectly-fitted and sexy black pumps. This is a must-have for women because of its versatility. During the day, it goes perfectly with the formal outfit for the office. At night, it still goes perfectly with a more casual outfit for a night out on the town.

–          Ballet Flats

An ever-enduring style of ladies’ footwear, the ballet flat is comfortable and easy to slip on. Since the design is closely related to what ballerinas actually wear, this design exudes femininity and pairs well with informal wear like jeans and shorts, but can also work for dresses and pants.

–          Sandals

Sandals are an integral part of most women’s shoe rack. For casual days, sandals are definitely a great choice. Strappy sandals which bare more skin are a fashionable option for women. Usually, the ladies also opt for the flat sandals but some prefer sandals with at least half an inch up to two inches of heels.

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