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Footwear Styles

Best Men’s Footwear Styles

Shoes, like clothes, make a man. They can reveal a lot about the pride a man takes in his appearance, as well as his status. There are plenty of available styles to choose from but the advantage of being a man is that you can enjoy both leisure and work with just a few. Here are some styles of men’s footwear that are versatile, never seem to go out of fashion and should be an essential part of every man’s closet:

Dress shoes

Dress shoes are an essential part of every man’s style repertoire and come in many styles, with each having its place. The particular style and colour a man chooses is a matter of personal choice. However, there are few guidelines one should keep in mind when selecting dress shoes. In general, sleeker dress shoes are more formal and black is considered more formal than brown. Lace-ups are more formal than slip-ons and closed lacing is above open lacing.

Some popular styles of dress shoes include:



This is a classic shoe style with a formal and elegant look. Oxfords come in a wide range of colours, although black and brown are the most popular. Sleeker designed, black Oxfords are more formal and most Oxfords can be paired with dress pants but not jeans.

The Derby (Blücher)blucher

The Derby is similar to the Oxford but the difference is in the lacing, which is sewn on the outside. The more noticeable lacing style makes this shoe style less formal compared to the classic Oxford. The Derby is perfect for a smart-casual dress, such as jeans and a sport coat.


Loafers are generally casual and those appropriate for business casual wear include monk straps, which have a buckle closure; and penny loafers, with a slotted leather band across the top. Tassel loafers are more for casual wear and most loafers look good with jeans.

dressbootsDress boots

Dress boots are about the most versatile shoes a man can own and they add a rugged and masculine appeal, paired with just about any pants. Their ruggedness also makes them a perfect option in winter.

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